Perfect Imperfections

I am flawed
You are flawed
We are perfect
for each other

LS 2016

(Really, enough said, right? If anyone is searching for that perfect partner,
they’re wasting their time. When you love someone, you love them for
their wonderful qualities and for all of their imperfections, too – the
components to their personality or appearance that they most likely
try to hide. That is where true love to the depths of our hearts comes alive. ♥)

One Kiss

I stare at this
blank page,
white as the
blanketed ground
in winter’s staging

Where are the syllables
I crave to create a
mixture of magic?

I fear they have traveled
to faraway places,
across desert dunes
and boundless oceans,

and might not return
so that I may tell him
how he’s irreplaceable

I’ll just kiss him
and steady myself
in the arms of a man
who is satisfied
with my simple

Lauren Scott © 2015

One and Only

Her heart sings when he says her name
The tiniest things ignite their flame
A simple gesture he does is grand
The simplicity of taking her hand
He makes her smile when he holds the door
Old fashioned and thoughtful, which she adores
Her breath catches when he holds her close
Sensations slide to the tips of her toes
When she wakes in the morn and hears him breathe
It’s that very moment she truly believes

© LScott 2012