The Right Attitude


One of my new dear friends, Debby, from, wrote this to me regarding my last health update and it stuck…

“We get what we focus on, so don’t make it fear!”
~DG Kaye

This message isn’t new, but it’s so easy to allow fear to slip into our thoughts. It affects not only our reactions to stressful times, but it also affects us physically, causing anxiety and even some unwanted aches and pains. So, this was a timely reminder for me, even though I’m not truly living in fear. However, I am inviting Optimism for a long stay, and if you’re dealing with stress in any form, will you join me in this attitude adjustment? I hope you will, and Thanks, Debby! 💕


And lastly, I’d like to wish you all a Fabulous Friday, and a Wonderful Weekend ahead. With love, Lauren ❤❤❤

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Tears fall into a pool
on my pillow
while my mind attempts
to join my body
for an evening of rest

It’s not the best night
for a mutual agreement

Instead, my stomach
entertains a live
basketball game
where thoughts dribble
and strategy is weak

The score, you ask?
It’s looking like a blowout
not in my favor

but I now see the sun
peeking into a new day
I’ve made an appointment
to get my attitude colored

I believe highlights of
optimism would be an
appealing change

then I’ll start to pave
a new path and
be on my way

LScott © 2013