Breath of Life

a bundle
of ribbons and bows
floats in a
safety net
until illumination
ten fingers, ten toes

yet, too young to leave
infant eyes
rosebud lips
will miss her loving presence
wheel of life rotates

Lauren Scott © 2017
Revised from 1991

Little Beach Boy (A Shadorma)

I watch him
Sitting in the sand
His quest for
Shines through the look on his face
Deep concentration

A slight breeze
Blows his light brown hair
As he digs
For treasures
My heart warms from his delight
A precious moment

Lauren Scott 2017
(I learned about this poetry form at Ben’s site, and he encouraged
me to try a Shadorma, as well. I couldn’t think
of a new topic, so I revised an old poem from
when my son was little. ❤ I hope you enjoy, and
thanks for the nudge, Ben. It’s always good to
learn something new.)