Youth – Tanka

Hope for our futures

lies in their hearts and spirits

through bubble gum and

hopscotch, pig tails and scraped knees –

our job to love and nurture

© LScott 2012

Photo: My son and daughter
14 years ago



She played in a world of Barbies
He formed magical lands of Legos
They created art with crayons
and they both loved reading their books

A sister and brother
who got along quite well
They were friends to each other
It was easy to tell

Still buddies in their teens and twenties
through laughter and tears
They’re a team and always will be
into the coming years

Their alliance has sustained
through the growing, awkward ages
They defend, protect and encourage
through the turning of the pages

All the love that they share,
It’s plain to know,
will never be broken
Our Dynamic Duo

© LScott 2012

Blue Eyes

I had to re-post for my son, too,
from 10.17.11~

I watch you
as you play
a simple toy
a swing or slide
a shovel in the sand
all big adventures
I take your hand
as we walk
a subtle breeze
blows your
light brown hair
not a summer day
but a warm day
in winter
Your smile is brighter
than sunshine
My days are bright
with Blue Eyes

© LScott 1997

This was written when my son was just a little guy.
The photo was scanned, so it’s not the best
and  his blue eyes aren’t noticeable,
but he has them like his daddy!
(He’s 6’1″ and almost 17 now)

Tiny Hands

Thinking of Mother’s Day early,
I’m re-posting this from 11.12.11~

I am little, not tall at all
I can do more than crawl
I’m eager to touch all I see
I can almost pat your knee
I give you a hug and a kiss

I see you’re in pure bliss

I give you a warm smile

I can tell it’s worthwhile

I giggle (music to your ears)

I see you laugh and I see tears

I like when you call me “small fry”

I know I’m loved even when I cry

I’m irresistible to your heart

I’m like a tiny work of art

I make you melt when in your arms

I hold your love with all my charms

I’m cuddly like a teddy bear

I know nothing can compare

I know you love each other

I know your love made me

I’m just thankful we’re together
I’m happy you’re my family

This photo is of my daughter, taken 18 years ago~
© LScott 2011


Always looking in the mirror

Dreaming of a beautiful face

Only seeing a sad expression

Living on the edge

Eagerly trying to fit in

Sacrificing true self

Circulating through the school scene

Ebbing emotionally

Not for long though

Control encompasses the soul

Easing into self assurance

Copyright 2011


For those children unable to
live in a loving environment.
May they find a reason to smile~

If only she could dream
Of rainbows and butterflies
Of a friend who never lies
Of a mommy to braid her hair
Of a daddy to simply be there
Of a world not needing disguise

If only she wouldn’t dream
In her darkened corner, where she cries
Wondering the who’s, where’s, and why’s
If the ache will stay in her forever
The pain she endures is clever
Surrounding her dismal, shadowed eyes

Love is a stranger to her life
Allowing only distress and strife
No escape illuminates the dark
Caution is kept to erase the mark
Loneliness cuts her spirit like a knife

Yet, with folded hands, she looks to the skies
And prays for warmth in the sunrise
And wishes for rainbows and butterflies

Copyright 2011