Do you trust me? Will you
take my hand and let me
lead the way to a place
transcending the boundaries
of our reality? Let us get
lost in the tranquility –
dancing to the majesty of
the surroundings, feeling the
rhythm vibrate through our
bones. For as long as our
hearts desire, this is our
destination. For time is
but a memory. Its existence
leaves no trace on the path
where we tread. There is
only you, me, and the
intensity of our belonging
to each other.

Lauren Scott © 2018


50 thoughts on “Belonging

      • Ahh Lauren, my laptop is poorly too. There is a peace here, as I’m only able to get online through my phone. I think it’s a sign 🤘 😘💗😊 And you just reminded me, I have emojis on here 😄 stopping now… I know you’re chuckling. Hugs and much love for you. Xxx 💕

    • I had to read this again to understand your first perspective and you’re right. I never thought of it like that, which is the beauty of poetry and its various interpretations. Thanks for sharing, Pam, and for your kind words. xo

      • I read a quote recently that once an author/poet releases her work, it no longer belongs to her. It belongs to the reader. Poetry in particular is ingested by the reader and digested in the way that suits her sensibilities. 🙂

    • Aww, thanks so much, Michelle. I’m honored you enjoyed this enough to read it several times. 🙂 Lots of love and big hugs right back to you, too, my dear friend. And wishing you a relaxing weekend! ❤🌷😊

      • So far it has been fantastic. We had a community potluck last night at the neighborhood clubhouse! Lots of fun and delicious food, Today, football on TV. Tomorrow, I plan to relax and get ready for the coming week. Hope yours is equally nice. ❤️🤗❤️

  1. Wow! Lauren, this is beautiful and I have tears reading this … your poem transcends the earthly realms to the upper echelons of love and its utter independence of anything else… reminds me of John Donne and his love poetry. Wonderful and a joy to read! Hugs xx 🌸🌺🌻

    • Aww, Annika, thanks so much for your beautiful comment that puts a smile on my face and warms my heart. Thanks also for playing catch-up with my posts. I’m so far behind now with everything else going on. Anyway, take good care, my friend. Hugs and love back to you! ❤❤❤

  2. I’m feeling the love from your words Lauren. I particularly loved: “For time is but a memory. Its existence
    leaves no trace on the path where we tread.” So true! ❤

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