A Valentine’s Day Wish

valentines-day tree

Candy hearts that say Be Mine
Red roses that mean forever
Fancy dinners for two in love
A night to spend together

But what about the lonely –
The broken hearts and souls?
What about the hopeless
Where life has taken its toll?

For even couples can show kindness
To those who feel unloved
Their lives are full of desolation
They long for a simple, friendly hug

So on this day where hearts abound
Give love where you find sadness
Then all of us can celebrate with
Rich emotions of gladness

Lauren Scott © 2018
Photo from Google
Happy Valentine’s Day to my Husband –
the love of my life, to my children, and
to all of my family. And I’m sending out
virtual love and hugs to You for a very
Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤



17 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Wish

    • Thanks, Betty. I do think of my husband and family first, but then all of those lonely and lost people come to mind and my heart aches. Then the shooting yesterday…I didn’t hear details until my son called to say hello and tell us that he loves us after hearing about it. He told me how many lost their lives, and then I was torn between extreme sadness and joy. I did the same, and said prayers for those affected, for what it’s worth. It has reached the point where one feels helpless in these circumstances. Hugs to you, and I hope you had a nice evening…❣❣❣

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