The Simplest of Treasures

my parents' black silverware

It’s not uncommon to find sentimental possessions after parents move on to their eternal life. When my husband and I camped earlier this month, and while preparing for our first dinner, I found the box of silverware that we always use. This set came from my parents, who used it at our cabin in Big Bear, CA back in the sixties and seventies. How funny that I can vividly remember using it in our rustic mountain get-away, even though I was very young. It’s amazing how some memories stay in our minds over the years.

Anyway, after arriving home, then in the midst of doing camping clean-up, it dawned on me that I didn’t want this set stashed away in the camping tub anymore – not to be seen or used until the next trip, which currently is unplanned. This set of black silverware suddenly held an abundance of sentimentality and tugged at my heart. I even broke down during that first night of camping after coming across this treasure, crying hard for several minutes. Oh, how my heart was hurting…Yes, I’m still grieving, but I’m also appreciating those vivid, loving memories.

Then I thought even deeper and had a good talk with my husband about how sturdy this set is to have lasted through about five decades! No, it’s not fancy, and black doesn’t match the interior of our home; however, it is neutral, versatile, and durable (as we now know). So, as much as I love to coordinate decorations, themes, and colors, I’m bending my own rules because this black silverware has become a vital component in our kitchen. Whenever we use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we think of my parents, Mom’s excellent cooking, the conversations that flowed around the table, and family love and contentment that followed those delicious meals. It just goes to show that the simplest of treasures can hold the most significance.

Do you have a similar story to share about a simple treasure that means a lot to you? If so, I’d love to read it…

Lauren Scott 9.28.17



14 thoughts on “The Simplest of Treasures

    • You made me smile, Ian. Those were the days when we lived in Orange County, so Big Bear was less than a two-hour drive. 🙂 It is nice, and I miss it for my family memories, and also for early memories of when my husband and I began dating. As you said, some things, no matter how simple, can make a big impact on our hearts and lives. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Lauren, this is a beautiful and tender post, written with such love of memories. The smallest of things can definitely hold so much of us, our family and friends…the memories intense. I have a few items from my grandparents which are so precious to me but look inconsequential to outsiders. You do right to bring this set in and use it daily…may the warmth of your reminiscings give you comfort and joy. ❤️

    • Thanks so much, Annika, and I’m glad you truly understand what it feels like to find what seem like inconsequential treasures that come to mean so much to us. This is a simple black, stainless steel set, yet the warm memories it evokes are many…I love using it now, and I also don’t care if it matches (usually, I would :)). It’s great that you have those items from your grandparents, too, to keep your memories alive. Thanks for sharing that part of your family. I appreciate your kind words and taking the time to comment, as well. ❤

  2. Loving this story. Reminders of good times past are a treasure. Cutlery is such a tactile part of our lives, it involves daily intimate contact. And they certainly don’t make it like they used to!

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