the colors
in my rainbow

in my rain

in my winter

for my pain

everything around

everything beside

 everything within

the world I reside

 © LScott 2013

Photo: Google Images

29 thoughts on “Completion

  1. “You are the colours of my rainbow”. Poignant words of love and happiness my dear Lauren. It is the sentence I shall use today to all I love. Virginia

  2. Wonderful you have captured the essence of finding that completion as we compliment each other in our seeking of our soul mate.. Whether that be in a partner or as we feel the rainbows of Mother Nature touch our skin as we soak up the Sun or bathe in the Ocean… We find Peace within one another.

    Lovely Poems

  3. Serene, Lauren! I love Sue Dreamwalker’s comment – that unity and connectedness can be ours in varying ways. So a beautiful romantic poem like this can be enjoyed even for those of us who don’t have a visible partner, for love always shows the way. XO

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