A Bit of Canine and Comfort

Copper action shot of trying to catch the ball
No limits exist

Stretch your imagination

Visualize your dreams

Look at those pearly whites!

Set aside playtime

Do something for you alone

Your company counts

© LScott 2012


36 thoughts on “A Bit of Canine and Comfort

    • Yes, this is Copper! He’s choco lab, either purebred or a mix, we’re not sure. But, he’s been so good, considering he’s 18 months, an adolescent and it hasn’t been a week, yet. He’s more lovable than we would have imagined; as in melting hearts with those golden eyes. xo

    • I know, wouldn’t it be wonderful? I suppose that’s why “they” say, “it’s a dog’s life! ” Hope you’re having a grand Monday, VW, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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