This is a lovely poem of hope, inspiration and faith, written by my dear friend, Linda Willows, at HeartWinds…I hope you enjoy, too~


photo by Göpfert Olaf

Eyes to God…

When life has taken fateful tolls
I have seen the dust and lifted console.
Eyes to God and footprints on the hill,
I wearied on but with a gritted will.

It is not clear that heaven is near
when all about is a clouded veneer.
The earth may quake beneath my feet
yet miracles shine through such hours of defeat.

With no one to call or place to find Home
the Heart redefines that which is its Own.
Amaze me once more, as I look above
Eyes to God, all footprints in Love.

©2012 Linda Willows

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  1. Lauren, I’m so glad you re-blogged this–I found it very stirring when I read it the first time, and now again. God bless you and your family today. love, Caddo

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