to gossip or judge
is to choose the weak option
what about kindness?

is compassion too
difficult – humanity
needs much comforting

Lauren Scott © 2018
(Photo: Google images)


Thinking Ahead!!

Dear Friends,

Mother’s Day may be a month away, but with the pace in which time flies, it’s really just around the corner. So, if you’re searching for a special gift and one of poetic content, my books would be a great option. Both collections are influenced by various emotions derived from life’s experiences.

If you haven’t already purchased copies, then I hope you’ll consider doing so. Also, a Big “Thank You” to all of you who have already purchased my books – adding them to your home libraries or giving them as gifts, and who have also been generous enough to write reviews. Your support is truly appreciated!!!

To purchase copies, you may click on the images on my sidebar. Or, I’ve included the links below, as well:

New Day New Dreams 2013

“New Day, New Dreams takes the reader on a romantic ride of happiness, heartbreak, and passion, along with exploring struggles in life, while being inspired to move forward. Adding humor to the mix is a delightful reprieve from heartbreak and hurt. This collection of poetry is a reminder of long-lasting love, new beginnings, and showing appreciation for the special people in our lives.”

Finding a Balance 2015

Finding a Balance speaks often of emotions and spirit after finding out about my daughter’s life-threatening disease. However, in contrast to this sadness, I’ve always possessed a romantic soul. So, through faith and adding a touch of romance, coming out of the darkness and finding the light again is possible. This book takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of different emotions evoked from life and love, but regardless of what is thrown in the path, hope always prevails.”

***Note: All proceeds from Finding a Balance go to The Chris Klug Foundation for Organ Donation Awareness. If you’re interested, here is the link for Chris’ story (click on the Transplant tab): Brief summary: He was diagnosed in 1991 with the same disease my daughter has now (diagnosed in 2012). 

Wishing you all Light, Love, and much Happiness!

~Lauren ❤❤❤





Their Year

Dear Grandma,

Before my life
began, your light
was growing 
You were going to

Heaven. I wish you
have to leave
because I never got
meet you. I miss
you so 
much. I wish
we could’ve 
read and
played together. I wish
I could’ve held your

hand while we took
a walk together…
I can’t see your bright
that daddy told
me about or 
your pretty
brown eyes. I 
can’t hear
your voice, either, 
but I
know you’re my Angel in

the skies.
Sometimes, I want to visit
Heaven just to tell you,
“I Love You.”

(These thoughts are in memory of my
mother-in-law, Diane, who passed away

in January 1991 – written from my young
daughter’s perspective, who was born

later that same year.
Of course, Diane never met our son,
either, who was born four years later.
And even though that was a long time
ago, it still breaks our hearts that she
never knew her grandchildren.) ❤

Lauren Scott ©

The feeling…

that someone is watching you while you’re reading
a can’t-be-put-down book. 🙂

Copper living room 2018

You guessed it; he got my attention. He always does
because I can’t resist those eyes. 

Gotta love Copper. ❤
Lauren Scott 2018


Scene Change, Full House, and Balloons!

Sunny California is finally sunny again with warmer temps on their way. Our son flew home on Saturday, following the end of his political science internship in DC. He wanted to be home for my birthday (Sunday), and what better gift than to have both of my children home. My excitement to see him couldn’t be put into words. Then to have the four of us together again was awesome! And the awesomeness continues for the week before he returns to college for his final quarter. Yes, then graduation in June. More celebrating! 🎉
The picture below was taken on the speaker’s balcony of the capitol.

michael on the speaker's balcony of the capitol 2018

My heart was full from all the birthday wishes from family and friends, but this year, 
I wanted a celebration with just my husband and children. It was a great family day with lots of surprises and carrot cake (my fave) to top of the day. I made my wish, so we shall see. I’m also not shy about sharing my age. I’m simply grateful to be alive to celebrate each new year.




Thirty-nine again!



And with the seasons changing, I wrote a sequel to my previous poem and post,
A Cup of Spring. 

Image result for spring flowers

Scene Change

Mr. Winter bows as the
curtain gently falls
His mood is melancholy
yet, he understands

Miss Spring adjusts her
petals, poised with grace,
for the welcoming applause
Hats off to her glow and
the warmth she evokes


I hope you’re applauding Miss Spring’s arrival, too, and I’ll end with some wise
words that you’ve probably heard before…

Life is full of give and take. Give thanks, and take nothing for granted. ❤ 🌻 🌼 ❤

Lauren Scott © 2018
Daffodil Photo: Google


A Cup of Spring

mom's tea cup

Miss Spring sips her tea
as we anticipate her arrival.
She says, “Be patient, for
soon I will bring you
colors so pleasing and
new life, delightful.
But first, Mr. Winter must
finish acting out his scene.

Lauren Scott © 2018
Photo: My mom’s china ❤